Silva Fox Artistry
Fine Art in Leather

21150 W. Sylvan Drive
Mundelein, Illinois 60060 USA
Voice: 815-900-8979
Email: s.foxart@gmail.com

This leather art gallery exhibits fine art works in leather created by award winning artist, Silva Fox. The 1997 Al Stohlman award recipient is internationally known for innovative sculptural techniques and use of brilliant acrylic glazes for realistic creations in leather. Here you will find beautiful leather paintings, sculptured leather, and many other forms of fine art work. Silva's hand sculptured wall hangings features wildlife and western themes which illustrate her tremendous artist talent.

"The multiple dimensional quality and texture of leather lends itself beautifully to lifelike wildlife paintings and portraits. Exquisite details and intricate tactile designs worked into my paintings and the almost holographic appearance of the sculpted images are impossible to recreate on canvas..."
As quoted in the January/February 1998 issue of The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal.

The purpose of this site is first and foremost to showcase the beautiful, original works of Silva Fox in a comfortable and leisurely setting. While on this self guided tour don't be surprised if curiosity about the techniques used is piqued. Leather has been used as an art medium for centuries but is little known in modern times. This site is designed to help educate the casual viewer about the amazing versatility and beauty of leather. You'll find many answers in the detailed, close up photo's and in a text that explains inspiration more than method.

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