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The Internet is the fastest growing advertising media.  The Internet is a MUST KNOW tool in today's marketplace.  WDS will help you untangle the mysteries associated with the Internet... to become more effective... and increase your competitiveness.

Get Started ...

During Our Initial Visit; we will:

  • Discuss your goals to get a "feel" of your business.
  • Discuss purchasing your domain name or URL, which enables people to find you.
  • Obtain your ideas on how you would like the web site to look.
  • After our visit, we will develop a detailed quote, listing the costs of development and maintaining your web site.

As Part of the Development and Design Phase, we will:

  • Purchase a domain name and link to a "Coming Soon" temporary web page.
  • Obtain particular information to be used on the web site: such as logos, photos, and brochures.
  • Develop a list of "keywords" to be used to ensure your web page can be found by search engines.
  • Throughout the design process, you will have the opportunity to view your web site and make comments.

Upon the Final Visit, we will:

  • Present your completed web site both on paper and on the computer.
  • Obtain any final suggestions or correction you may have.
  • After you are satisfied , we will submit your web site to a number of popular search engines.
  • After you are completely satisfied, I will submit an invoice to you.

After the web site has been published to the World Wide Web, if you need additions or changes periodically, you just email, call, or fax and WDS will make the changes.

It's That Simple !!!